Spotify Flash Frame

I must say that there are a lot of things you can like about Spotify. And I must admit that in last few days my opinion on Spotify is again even better. I thought it is not possible but it is. So points for Spotify for Spotify Flash Frame. Please follow and like us:


Spotify Celebrity Effect

There are few things about music which are pretty consistent. Nowadays rubbish music is way more popular but I id onto want to criticize anyone’s taste. However, there is Spotify celebrity effect which works for pretty much whole music industry. Please follow and like us:


Spotify Apple TV

I must apologize because even I think that I talk about competition between Spotify and Apple Music. It is no hard combat and I think it won’t be solved anytime soon.  It is combat of opinion but anybody can like this or that. For any reason in fact. Please follow and like us:


Spotify And Dylan

You probably noticed that few days ago some Nobel prizes have been awarded. Well probably the most interesting one is Nobel prize for literature. Which this time have not been given to the writer. So today about Spotify And Dylan. Please follow and like us:


Spotify Status

I have news for you today. But it is not news at all for a lot of you I guess. Well Spotify down is never a good thing so you can guess that nobody can be happy about it. A lot of people are actually sad because of Spotify status. Please follow and like us:


Spotify Playlist Takeover

I will probably repeat myself for the millionth time but playlists are the reason why is Spotify the best streaming service. Not Apple Music nor Tidal. And Facebook is really doing everything possible to became even better on playlist field. Please follow and like us:


Spotify And Amazon

And now it is there. This moment was expected by huge number of people who knows music. And loves it too. Now there is new child on the block so Spotify and Amazon battle is on. It is almost unbelievable but Amazon Prime Music is yet another fish in the sea. Please follow and like […]


Spotify Name

In world of business you need a lot of things like money, more money and you cannot forget about money.  With them everything is way easier. But you also need an idea or a vision and most of all you need name that will be known across the world soon like Spotify. Please follow and […]